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Friday, January 6, 2012

:: Two or three things ::

Hello my dears,
As the first week of the year comes to a close, I want to share with you a bit of what went on this week here at Mimilove.

Long walks by the ocean and precious time spent with children and grandchildren was at the top of my list.

Next, some leisure shopping was in order. Not much of course, nothing really  big, just fun stuff.

Well, to be perfectly honest I went into my favorite fabric store to pick up a half yard of lining fabric, but this is how it went;

This is what I went in for

This is what was on sale.  (Dirt cheap too!!!)

This is what I absolutely fell in love with  :)

An this is what I just had to take home with me.

I did find a few other things, (in the yarn department) but maybe I'll share that later.
Not too shabby for some afternoon liesure shopping. And all of it for a song. Really the sale was great!!!

Well my darlings, I guess this is it for now. next week I will share my little storage basket trio. They are done, but I still can't decide whether or not to line them. Let's see what happens over the weekend. Ya?

Many blessings to all and have a fantastic weekend.    :0)


  1. Dear Ana, Very nice fabrics. I am love fabrics as well. My Grandmother thought me how to sew by hand and I do it very methodical and neat. I would love to have a sewing machine, but I do not have space where to put it. Having 2 boys as well is not much of fabric projects around.
    Anna, it looks like it is you and I only against the world jajaj Ecolady is off, lost in the cyberspace and Lady Lore went n holidays... PLOP, like Condorito said.

  2. Hi Lory,

    I also love to sew by hand, as a matter of fact most of my small sewing projects are done by hand. My mother handed this talent down to me as well. I have two aunts who sew beautifully. One of them is a professional seamstress. The other self taught.

    You are right though, I use to make most of my daughters cloths when she was little. But with boys, well other then a pair of shirts here and there, there isn't much you can make them.

    How about sewing for yourself? I made own cloths every now and then, but I stopped sewing for a long time, but I think I'm feeling the bug again. Now I have three granddaughters whom I can sew for.

    I do have a tendency to buy fabric just because it's pretty. I later find something to make with it.
    We'll see what comes of thus little bundle.

    Take care, and yes, we will hold down the fort until the other girls get back. :)