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Thursday, January 5, 2012

One more holiday. :)

It's not over yet!!! Tonight in many parts of the world children are preparing for one more exciting holiday. I am referring to Three kings day, or Epiphany, or Little Christmas. Which is celebrated on the sixth of January.
It is the day when supposedly the wise men found baby Jesus and offered  him gifts.
Traditionally children leave fresh grass in a shoe box under their beds for the wise men's camels to eat after their long journey. The wise men in return leave gifts for the children.
There are many different traditions surrounding this holiday. Most I am not familiar with, but I do know that there is party and merry making the entire day.
As a very small child I can remember leaving grass under my bed. And waking up to find a beautiful rag doll.(the only time I actually remember)  I wish that I would have continued this tradition with my own children. Although I don't remember to much about it. It seems like a nice holiday, or Little Christmas.
Tomorrow I will call my mom and ask her about the specifics.
For now, have a great weekend, and to those who are familiar with this day, Feliz dia de Reyes!!!


  1. Exactly!!! Los reyes Magos. In my house, they would not take the Xmas tree until the 6th of Jan, when the Reyes Magos come.
    In Chile, for the Independence day – 18th of September, we celebrate with 3 days with Non stop party and the we have the “18th Chico”, another post celebration, just like this one. We need excuses to celebrate and be merry! x

  2. This is a great tradition, I wish we did this with ours, next year for sure. I'm going to research it over the coming months too. Have a great weekend Anna!

  3. Hi Lory,
    The celebrations surrounding this holiday are so vague in my mind.
    It's a great tradition though.

    I know what you mean about Chilean independence, it's party, party, party.

    Over here the 4th of July is one day, and that's it. :(
    We should have more excuses to celebrate, heaven knows we need them, especially out here in the states.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I really do recommend this holiday, especially with young children. It really brings to light the true meaning of Christmas after Santa has come and gone.
    The good thing is that the gifts are usually small and simple, and you have the opportunity to make them more significant.

    Bye for now, take care!!!