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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twine coasters

A few years back I accompanied my husband on one of his Sunday afternoon trips to Home Depot. While he walked around with his mental list, getting exactly what he needed, (he doesn't forget a thing!) I wandered about looking for something to contribute to the shopping cart. I don't quite remember which aisle it was, but there they where, rows of neatly stacked balls of cotton twine. And then of course a huge light bulb lit up in my head!!!!!!
So, if I remember correctly I brought home like five balls of the stuff, my hubby had that, what-ever-makes-her-happy look on his face. (or she's gone totally nuts!!!!).
And I, had sturdy place mats on my mind. :-)
I quickly snapped out of it when I got home and realized that I would have to crochet at least six place mats, boring!!! So, I thought coasters would be short and sweet, and I could get the crocheting twine thing out of my system. So, I made just four coasters, and edged only two (the blue ones). Somehow I must have gotten distracted with another project and put the coasters aside.
Every now and then the they popped out of nowhere begging to be noticed, but I ignored them.
A few months ago, I opened my night stand drawer, and there they were, so I finally edged the other two with white cotton yarn ( the blue long ago got used up), and now they finally made it to the place mat drawer in my kitchen.
They still go unnoticed. I think the trick is to put them on the coffee table. :-).

Have a great rest of your day everyone!!!!!