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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

:: Collecting ::

Good morning my friends!!!

Wow!!! We are already halfway through May. With summer just around the corner I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning.
First on my list is my kitchen of course.
I got a few things done, but one thing that I enjoyed doing was moving my ceramics collection to a sunny spot by the kirchen door.
I have lately taken for granted these much cherished pieces. Back in the 90's I use to spend hours in antique and junk shops looking for anything Fiesta, Bauer, Franciscan, Frankoma, and other pottery and ceramics from the 40's and 50's. I managed to purchase a few nice pieces. V When my family realized that I collected, well, they too were always on the look out.
But, after a while I got sidetracked and started doing other things, and sort of put my lovely old bowls aside. I stopped collecting altogether.

Yesterday, I took them all out their obscure little corner, washed and dried each piece carefully by hand, and gave them a new home on a shelf near a picture window. Wow!!! How the colors jumped out at me, the greens , blues, yellows!!! They seem to look brighter and happier in their new spot by the sunny door.
I guess my appreciation for these sturdy old kitchen essentials has been renewed. I imagine the women who used them, wearing their house coats, curlers in their hair and beautifully embroidered aprons. (post WWII). A beautiful era gone by.
Maybe I'll look through my cupboards and see what other things I've forgotten. And maybe I'll be inspired to once again go out and hunt down a few new/old pieces to add to my collection.
For now, I will sit at my kitchen table, enjoying my morning cup o' joe, and admire my little piece of the past.

Have a great day!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Good Monday!!!!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend, and an even better Mothers Day (where applicable).

My mothers day was good, especially since I was with those I love.

This morning I just want to share with you a pic of the little Miss. modeling her new dress. She liked it of course, and it will fit well into the fall months. Even though Ireland is two and a half years old, she is still in size 18 to 24 months.
This dress is made in a 24 month size and is still a bit big on her (yes, my gauge was right on). She is very petite.

Now, on to my next project. I've been knitting lately so everything takes twice as long, but hopefully this week I'll be able to share a little knitted something or other with you.
For now, I wish everyone a wonderful week. :).