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Friday, September 16, 2011

:: An after thought ::

I thought I would share a solo photo of the granny baby bonnets, I made these in sizes newborn and 6 to 12 months.
The link for this pattern is in
Although I did tweak the pattern a bit to make them my own, but you can barely tell the difference.
I think that if you add another round to the grannies the next size up would be an 18 to 24 month size.

Just an after thought.

:) Until next time, keep those hooks going, and a song in your heart. (:

~ Booties and Bonnets ~ oh, and coffee with Mr. W

Good morning my lovely darlins!!!

It is now the middle of September and I can finally see a small glimpse of change in our weather pattern.
We are waking up to overcast skies and a slight nip in the morning air. This to me is wonderful!!!
I go weak in the knees for any kind of fall weather, and in Southern Cali this is as close as it gets. So for as long as it lasts this morning, I will keep on my flannel pj pants with a warm robe and enjoy a warm cup of coffee with my Mr. W.

Oh!! And BTW, yes, I am done with my order of booties and bonnets for Deanna. I am especially taken by the granny bonnets, they are so cute and oh! so easy, you can whip one up in no time. I truly enjoyed working on these precious tiny things.

Bye for now my dears and have a great rest of your day!!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~ Grannymania ~

Hello darlins!!!!

I hope that everyone is having an excellent day so far.

Lately I have been on a bit of a crochet rut, I know that I have project deadlines, but I can't seem to get anything done quickly enough. :-/

So yesterday I gave myself a pep talk, and pushed myself to pick up the hook. Well, it's all about the grannies. They have a funny way of picking me up and putting me in my crafty crochet place.
It doesn't hurt that this soft pink yarn feels so good to the touch.
Yummmmmm. :0)

Four little squares, that's all it takes, just four little grannies.......

Have a fantastic rest of your day!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

:: Rippley Progress Report ::

Morning Darlins!!!

A quick progress report on my colorful ripple blanket, as of today it is 57" long and growing!!!!

Of course by now my yarn supply is running low, and even though I feel tempted to go out and buy some more I will resist. (not an easy thing for me to do).

I do apologize for the bad Photo, my Internet is still kind of sickie, so my phone camera will have to do for now.

FYI, I have a king size bed and the blanket is more than half the length and covers almost the entire top in width. Happy happy joy joy!!!!!!

Bye for now, have great and blessed rest of your day. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today many are remembering, reliving, and mourning.

We remember that horrible day when our freedom and our security was taken from us if just for a short while.

Through memories , the media, and even conversations with loved ones we are reliving that horrible and sorrowful day.

We are mourning the loss of hundreds of innocent lives.

And today on this the tenth anniversary of 9/11
we should be thankful to God that we live in a nation that we can be proud of in every sense.
That we can still enjoy freedom and security for ourselves and our children.
That we can walk our streets knowing that we are safe from terrorists and their hatred and anger.

May we never ever take any of these precious privileges for granted.

Have a great rest of your day!!!!