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Monday, September 12, 2011

:: Rippley Progress Report ::

Morning Darlins!!!

A quick progress report on my colorful ripple blanket, as of today it is 57" long and growing!!!!

Of course by now my yarn supply is running low, and even though I feel tempted to go out and buy some more I will resist. (not an easy thing for me to do).

I do apologize for the bad Photo, my Internet is still kind of sickie, so my phone camera will have to do for now.

FYI, I have a king size bed and the blanket is more than half the length and covers almost the entire top in width. Happy happy joy joy!!!!!!

Bye for now, have great and blessed rest of your day. :)


  1. Hi Anna... I saw you in Casazoo.... I was in Californa all summer; Costa Mesa... were you any near that area? New port rings the bell for me....
    Any way, I am going to keep looking your crochet stuff... :D
    Take care

  2. Hi there Lory,
    Thank you so much for stopping by.

    Actually, I am about a 25 minute drive from Costa Mesa,
    One of my sons lives there, and another lives in Newport Beach which borders C.M to the west.

    I visited your Blog, very very nice!!! I like all things retro. And as soon as I can figure out how to follow I surely will. :)

    Again thanks for visiting!!!

    Have a great rest of your day!!!'