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Friday, June 8, 2012

:: On my sticks ::

Happy Friday!!!

Just a quick checking in to let you all know what I've been up to.
Well, let's just say that lately my hookies have been a bit abandoned.
For some years now I have been trying to learn how to knit. I've picked up my needles, started a project, and after lots of head scratching frustration I've taken everything apart and gone back to my hooks. Every once in a while I have successfully completed a scarf or two. I've even attempted and successfully completed a few baby kimonos for little Miss. Ireland. (miracles do happen).
But recently I've wanted to go beyond the "no brainer" projects and try my hand at some simple lace, and knitting in the round.
Well, the round isn't so bad, but the lace knitting, I think I've lost a significant amount of hair in the process of undoing rows and rows just because I missed a yarn over or two and things didn't add up at the end of a row.

Well, I have since finished the lacy looking thingy. And I'm almost done with the one on the round needles. I will share these next week.
For now, please do have yourself a great weekend. Many hugs and kisses to all. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

:: Weekend Bliss ::

They wowed my weekend these two girls of ours.

Last weekend we got to spend precious quality time with Amelia and Ireland. And what fun we had!!!
Saturday afternoon after lunch and naps, they played a ferocious game of soccer with their Papa. I don't think I've ever seen a two year old kick a ball that way, she becomes airborne when she kicks.
And Amelia has so much energy that it was very difficult to keep up with her while video taping.

On Saturday evening after a light supper and a cuddle session with Papa, it was off to get their jammies on and movie night.
We watched Enchanted, oh my these two princesses were in fairy tale heaven, there were a few parts of the movie that I should've fast forwarded but a quick hand over the eyes for the little one was enough (ooh, scary).

Sunday morning was a calm, late, breakfast cartoon morning. Then off to our local farmers market, which very conveniently sets up right in front of our local Barnes and Noble, ( they love visiting the bookstore ). A visit to the ice cream shop, then back home to lunch, ( ice cream before lunch, only at Papa and Mimi's ).
All in all we had a great weekend and totally enjoyed our granddaughters.

They are two of the sweetest, loving, and totally awesome little princesses ever.

Did I get any yarny stuff done? Absolutely not!!! But it didn't even come to mind.

Have a great rest of your week!!!