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Friday, October 21, 2011

:: Grannymania update ::

Hello my dears,

A quick hello, and an even quicker update on my latest "grannymania" project.

I've been a bit busy doing other things, you know, those things in life that absolutely must get done, :( so I haven't done much crocheting lately.
But, I have managed to catch up on my grannies.
Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to put them all together. I can't wait to finally finish and show y'all what I've been up to.

Ciao for now!!! Have a great weekend, and G~d bless.

P.S please forgive the bad pic, no time for the whole camera PC thing. This is an iPhone post. :-/

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

:: Last Weekend ::

Wow!! I can't believe I finally have the computer allllll to myself!!!!
Explain you say?...... Well,  Mr. W. works from home, and we have just one desk top which we share, lately it's been all work, work, work. Which means I'd better hurry, because once he gets home it's Work, work all over again.  (maybe Santa will bring me an ipad for xmas, hmmmm)

Last weekend was great!!! So many things went on in our home, First we had a very delightful weekend visit from our granddaughter Pia. She lives in Arizona, and  we see her just a few times a year, so when she comes out to Cali it's always a Piafest. This visit was even more special because we celebrated her 6th birthday. It was a small family affair with a few little people, but I know she had a blast.

On Saturday night she had a sleepover with her bestest cousin Milla, (her only female cousin). And on Sunday they helped me make pastel de choclo for the Laguna Niguel Academy food fair.

We all had a grand time. Except one thing, I forgot to take the camera to the fair and so I have no pics of the booths, the children performing, or even the authentic hula dancers, bum!!!     :(

But I will share what pics I do have.

Little Miss. Pia
Oliver Jason, My oldest grand son, a whole nine years old.

Julian Werner, "aka" Luli. eight yrs. old. Always making funny faces.

My girls, Milla and Pia. Cousins and best of friends.

And last but never ever least, little Miss. Ireland.
Pia and her daddy, and a huge birthday cake!!!
Pia and her crew, mostly family, with a couple of friends.
Mr. W. "aka" Papa with his pride and joys.
On Sunday, the girls and I, with a little help from Papa, cooked all morning. We made two pastel de choclo, (corn and meat casserole) for the food fair. Traditionally, ground beef is used, in my version, I used meatless, gluten based vegetable protein. Chicken is also used, but since I and many of the folks at the fair are vegetarian, I skipped the meat altogether. My daughter was very suprised at how flavorful it turned out, "you can't tell it's not real beef Mom".
Remember, I am not Chilean, soooo this is the best I could do.
The corn topping,consists of fresh grated corn, (I was lucky to find yellow corn) fresh chopped basil, cooked with milk and butter seasoned to taste with salt.
Of course the girls helped,  ;)  Mardi Gras mask and all.
Sprinkle with sugar and bake, I think they stayed in the oven a bit too long, (my bad).
Not too shabby for a non Chilean!!!  It went well at the food fair, my daughter made the most delicious Chilean, tomato and onion salad, and by the end of the day it was all pretty much gone.

It was a great weekend, to say the least. Fun family times always leave me feeling warm and fuzzy for a while, or at least until next time.

Have a great rest of your week everyone!!!!