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Friday, October 21, 2011

:: Grannymania update ::

Hello my dears,

A quick hello, and an even quicker update on my latest "grannymania" project.

I've been a bit busy doing other things, you know, those things in life that absolutely must get done, :( so I haven't done much crocheting lately.
But, I have managed to catch up on my grannies.
Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to put them all together. I can't wait to finally finish and show y'all what I've been up to.

Ciao for now!!! Have a great weekend, and G~d bless.

P.S please forgive the bad pic, no time for the whole camera PC thing. This is an iPhone post. :-/


  1. Hi Anna! I saw your comment in Fidflestick Crochet! jajaja
    How is your crochet going!?

  2. Hi Lory!!!! Yes, my dear, it seems like there is a conspiracy here. I can successfully comment on almost any other blog except yours, and sometimes even my own. Hmmmm. But, I was alble to post today, woohoo!!!! I know that the other Lorena sometimes has problems with it too. So, I left you a little note in her space yesterday. Hee hee hee. >:-)

    I'm just about done with my granny project, casi casi.
    Maybe even today!!'

    So, didn't you just love those little owls? I think I have a Xmas gift idea for them.

    Gotta go now, but I can smell the apples and cinnamon allllll the way over here.

    Ciao, have a good weekend.

  3. Querida Anna.
    Me cuesta mucho darme el tiempo de escribirte en inglés. Es por eso que ahora te escribo en español. Principalmente para dejar de ser una ingrata que no contesta tus lindos posteos.

    Estoy fascinada con tu pastel de choclo a mí me queda rico también, pero no lo hago muy seguido (tal vez dos veces cada verano)

    Lo que ayer hice fueron porotos con riendas en la olla de presión. Me quedaron muy ricos. Pregúntale a tu marido si le gustan con o sin longaniza de Chillán.

    Mañana me debo levantar temprano para estar en mi puesto de la Ecoferia así que seguiré ordenando mis cosas.

    Muchos cariños y que tengan un lindo fin de semana. Acá serán 4 días de descanso :)