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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

:: Told ya I'd be back ::

Good morning! And a happy hump day to all.  :)
So trying to get my crochet groove back has not been easy. But I think I'm almost there, as I mentioned in my last post I want to share with you a few of the projects that I've recently worked on.
I made this cute little skirt for my grandaughter Ireland. She saw one that I made for myself and of course, being the fashion diva that she is, immediately asked for her own. And of course I was more than happy to oblige.
This is 100% cotton yarn that I purchased a few years back on our trip to Chile. It's very soft and oh so nice to work with. I added a little vent to the back for added ease in walking/running.

This is the skirt I made for myself,  it is a totally different stitch pattern but I don't think little miss is too picky.
I like how mine turned out it is so swingy and feminine.  
The pattern for my skirt is from the July/August 2009 Crochet Today magazine.  I tweaked it a bit to customize it for my own fit. 
Can't wait till summer is in full swing to wear it with flip flops and a cute linen top.
Well my friends I guess this is it for now. I hope everyone has a great rest of the day.  XOXO. <3

Note: pattern for little girls skirt is from


  1. So nice little skirt and your skirt is beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you! It's so nice of you to stop by. :)

  2. Oh!Love them both! Good job!

  3. Thank you Sarah, I had fun working on these especially the little one. Can't wait to see it on her. :)

  4. Fantastic, very nice. I love Navy blue! xx

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