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Saturday, June 30, 2012

4th of July, another excuse to crochet.

Hello everyone,
I know, this is totally strange, I rarely ever blog on Saturdays. It is usually a very busy day around here. But today I am at home all by my lonesome just relaxing. It's so quiet I can hear a feather drop.
For the last couple of weeks I have been very busy crocheting blue and white outfits for my granddaughters to wear on the 4th. (their mama can throw in whatever red she wants)

This week I finished Milla's tunic top. I just love the navy blue and white combination, it's so classic. She can wear this over a red tee and blue leggings, or just over white with a red hair accessory. I preferred navy blue and white because after the holiday is over it is still very wearable.

This pattern is from the crochet today
July/August 2008 issue, same as the baby dress I made for Ireland. I think I'll put that magazine away for a while.

It was a very good week indeed, we had the grandchildren over for two days. I can't get enough of them sometimes.
The girls are so girly and giggly, and Julian is such a boy. It was an all around good week.

I leave you with pics of my latest crochet, and one of Julian beating Papa at chess.

Have a great rest of your weekend!!!