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Monday, February 13, 2012

:: Dr. Watson scarf, TaDa!!! ::

Good Monday everyone!!!
I hope y'all had a fine weekend.
I spent most of mine crocheting, watching the tube, and just hanging out with Mr. W.
I was able to finish a few things, and start a few others. So yes, I've been trying to keep busy.
But today, as promised, I bring you the Dr. Watson scarf. I knitted this for my son who will be turning 33 on Wednesday.

I am a very beginner knitter, so yes, it has it's little flaws here and there. But over all it's not too shabby.

I made the scarf with an acrylic yarn, because there is no way a single guy is going to hand wash anything.

The scarf measures a generous 71" fringe not included. A good length for a guy that is about 5'10" tall.

I hope he likes it, he is the only one of my sons that will wear a scarf just to be fashionable. :)

Anyway, this is it for today. Later this week I will share a few other things with you.

Take care, and have a blessed week.

:) Anna (:


  1. ♥:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
    .//^ ^\\ Feliz Dia del Amor y Amistad ♥♥
    (/(_♥_)\) ::::::::::::::::::::::♥♥
    ._/''*''\_ ............♥♥❁◕‿◕❁ ♥ ♥

  2. Oh! That is lovely! I like the suit and the hat as well, very much in la ONDA!
    So you think it would be cold enough for your son to wear it? Won't you suffocate him? jajaja
    Daar Anna, I have some big news, but for that you might go to my blog and see for yourself! :P
    have a fantastic day!

  3. Hi Lory,
    Thank you so much. Lucky for me we are having a wet cooling trend this week so Jayson will not suffocate in his new scarf. HAHAHA!!!!

    I visited your online store. loved it. so cool. maybe this will inspire me to do the same, who knows.


  4. Go ahead, what is the worse it could happened? I might try Etsy as well... I knit , I knit and I keep giving it away... nothing wrong with that, but I just wonder if the yarn and some materials could actually pay for themselves... does it make sense? Also, they are very good quality, finishings etc.... it does make a very nice present... jaja
    Take care! x

  5. Hi Lory,
    You know what? I may just do it. I'm looking into Etsy, who knows, maybe this week. Veremos que trae la nueva semana.

    Have a fantastic rest of your weekend. :)