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Monday, April 30, 2012

:: Sunshine Baby dress ::

Good almost afternoon my friends!

I am finally done with my latest project.

This is a sunny yellow dress for Miss. Ireland. Crocheted in one piece from the top down in Caron's simply soft. I believe the color is buttercup.

Although the yarn is a worsted weight and this is more of a fall garment, I believe that Ireland will use it for a while before summer officially comes.
My daughter and her family live about a five minute walk from the ocean, so cool mornings and evenings are very common in her area.
This is a pattern by Linda Perman featured in the May/June 2010 issue of Crochet Today.
I loved working on this sweet little dress and can hardly wait to see it on the little Miss.

Well my dearies I hope everyone has a fantastic week. Blessings, and warm hugs for all. :)


  1. So adorable! The color is so cheerful, just perfect for a happy little girl.

  2. Thank you Olga.
    Yellow is one of my favorite colors.

    Have a good day. :)

  3. My dear Anna. I have been a bot lost from the blog world, so many celebrations, travels and social engagements jajaja Such a jet set life (with a budget) :D
    I just came back form Paris... MOn Dieu!! It was my 3rd time there, but hey! It is PARIS! Lovely.
    The dress: WOW! It is magnificent, is that for the little princess? oh I want one for me! jajaja

  4. Hi Lory!!!
    I love Paris!!! I have to go back one day, I didn't get enough.
    Enjoy yourself I'm sure you deserve it !!!!

    Yes, the dress is for the youngest princess, as soon as she gets back from her vacation I will take a pic of her in it and post it. I'm working on a few other things but they are long term, so I'll have to get creative about posting in the mean time.

    Take care Lorybella, and enjoy Roma!!!!

  5. ¡Me enamoré de este vestido!!!
    ¡Qué lindo!

  6. I really like this pattern and am trying to purchase the back issue with the pattern. Before I spend the money on it, can you tell me the sizes this pattern is for? Thans a bunch. It s really an adorable dress.