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Friday, August 3, 2012

:: I'm back ::

Well, it sure has been a strange month, this last one. July is and has always been busy and unpredictable for me.
I had a few things to deal with lately, some of which have spilled right into August. But all will be fine again. (fingers crossed).

Even so, I have been getting a little crocheting done, for one, I finally finished that big round colorful thing that I wrote about in my last post.
A cover for a banana leaf storage container. I made this for my daughter Katherine. You see her kitty Frodo, used it for a nail sharpener and almost destroyed the lid completely. So, of course she requested a cover for for it. And voila!! There you have it. Cute huh?

Next is Mr. Sssssslithers. I started this snake back in October to give as a Christmas present, but I got caught up with other things and never got a chance to finish it. So since the little recipient of this snake has recently gone through surgery, I decided that a cuddle toy was in order. So Mr. Ssssssslithers finally got a head, eyes, and tongue. And my grandson Julian got a cuddle toy to see him through his recovery. (I apologize for the bad pic)

Well my darlins, I guess this will be all for now. Hoping to get back to my regular posts real soon.

Take care, and have a fantastic weekend. :)