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Monday, April 2, 2012

:: All My Children, and a nice surprise ::

Hello my friends,

"It's just another manic Monday"
I've had that song in my head all morning. :-/

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few little things from weeks past, and some from a few days ago.
As you all know, I had been quite under the weather for a few weeks. But that all ended when about a week ago, we had a family gathering. All my children, along with spouses and grandchildren came over for a Saturday lunch. That rarely happens anymore since everyone is so busy with their own lives and schedules.
We had a great lunch, the children played, the adults got caught up with each other, music was played, walks we're taken, scooter rides were given, a lot was done.
But I was really happy to finally get a picture of our four children. Of course mom and dad too.
On the pic. Left to right, Mr. W. (papa) Ryan age 26, Katherine, just turned 30,
Jayson, just turned 33, Gabriel, 34, and yours truly, (mom, Mimi).
And these are AMC!!!

On a more crafty note, I have started my very first knitted amigurumi, I won't say much, but I'm crossing my fingers that it will turn out good.

And last but never ever least!!! I received a post card from wayyyy across the Atlantic, my dear friend Lorena from Lorybeat blog, sent a note all the way from England!!! Now that, put a huge smile on my face this weekend. Sometimes folks don't know how much a friendly gesture can lift ones spirit. Thank you so much Lory!!!!

Well my friends that's it for today.
I hope everyone enjoys a great week!!!
Hugs for all. :)