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Thursday, November 3, 2011

:: Grannymania Voila!!!! ::

Hello there my dear friends!!!

After more or less a week of fighting off a terrible cold, flu, type thing I am back on my feet.
What I don't get is that not more than a month ago I was sick as heck. Hmmm.

Well, even though I was a total zombie (meds)  for a few days, I did somehow manage to finish my granny project.
It really isn't a big deal, but it was one of those projects that just kept running away from me. I either had other things to do, or I had to stop and get sick, once or twice.  :(

These little cardies were made for great nephew and niece twins Marcus and Octavia.
They are now about 7 months old, and oh so cute!!!  The cardies are size 6 to 12 months so I know they will fit for a while. And I really enjoyed making and embellishing the little beanies. I especially like the over sized flower, so girlie!!!

Granny cardigans
The girl version for baby Octavia

The boy version for baby marcus

I especially like the girls hat.
I decided not to match up the buttons, Idon't particularly  like the  "mitchy matchy"  look.
The pattern for the sweater came from a little booklet I purchased at my local craft store, and the beanie pattern came from, 'Baby Crochet" by Lois Daykin.

I am still on my granny mania thing, so let's see what new things I will come up with.

bye for now and have a great weekend.   :)


  1. Eres una nueva víctima de la grannymanía!!
    Ahora a cubrir de grannys el planeta!!!!

    Y ahora quién podrá defendernos??

    Un abrazo gigante

  2. You are too funny!!!! Not a bad idea, this world could use a bit of granny happiness.
    I have truly become a grannymaniac!!!!

    Cuidate, XOXO

  3. Long time no see Anna, I was wondering where you were, maybe you run away with a Chilean on a motorbike… jaja
    Yu know what, I had the flu vaccine yesterday! I pay for it but I rather to do that that get really sick with flu. Common cold is something, but flu is something else.
    So the the Patron let you use the PC? Jajaja Joking. Glad to see you back. The cardigans are lovely! Superb looking! The mother will be over the moon with those. Well done Anna! x

  4. Hey Lory!!!
    Ha ha ha!!!! Actually I ran away with a Chilean in a little red sportscar. ;-)

    OMG, I can't believe how sick I was, still not 100% but much better.
    I couldn't just let my blog go for another week.
    You are very wise to get the flu shot. This bug just wants to stick around to keep me from my hook. Pero no!!! I will win this battle, and as Lore says, I will dress the world in grannies!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!