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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

:: Grannymania Inspiration ::

Hello there y'all!!!!

Please let me know if I've gone too far with the granny thing???
But, oh what the heck. I have rediscovered these simple little squares and now I just can't get enough of them.

Recently on one of my trips to Barnes and Noble I was going over all of the crochet books, (I think I own most of them) when I came across a new one, or at least new to me.
"Granny Square Love" just caught my eye!!! The colors, the very creative way that Sarah London uses her grannies, I was in granny heaven. But, I walked out of the store with out the book, thinking to myself, why do I need a book about crocheting grannies?
I can whip one up in just a few minutes, and with my eyes closed.

Well, I should've known better. Because the moment that I got home I wanted to go back and get the book and add it to my crafty library. This book is a great inspiration for anyone who thinks grannies are boring and old fashion, it has lots of great ideas and new ways to use these cute multicolored little squares.

Long story short, glad I didn't, get it at the bookstore, Amazon has it for about $5.00 less. So, of course, one click, two clicks, and 3 days later the book was in my mailbox. Man I love online shopping!!!! (at least for books)

So many grannies, so little time!!!!!

P.S I have a few things on my hook, of the none granny type, but I'm debating in my mind, "to blog or not to blog", since they will be Christmas gifts. I wouldn't want to spoil anyones surprise, hmmmm.

Have a spectacular day y'all!!!!


  1. Dear Anna, grannies are not old fashion they are a classic!
    I love internet shopping too.... I buy my supermarket food online, so you can imagine jaja.
    It is nice to have a little craft library. Good for you!
    Saludos xx

  2. Hi there Lory,
    You know, you're right about the grannies, they are a true classic. Unfortunately they get taken for granted much too often.

    You, know I never realized how much one can save by shopping on line. Although for me it's only books and yarn. There aren't too many supermarkets out here that offer online shopping.

    Can't wait to see your next crochet projects. Apurate po!!!!! :0)

    Bye for now my dear, have a great rest of your day.