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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

:: Collecting ::

Good morning my friends!!!

Wow!!! We are already halfway through May. With summer just around the corner I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning.
First on my list is my kitchen of course.
I got a few things done, but one thing that I enjoyed doing was moving my ceramics collection to a sunny spot by the kirchen door.
I have lately taken for granted these much cherished pieces. Back in the 90's I use to spend hours in antique and junk shops looking for anything Fiesta, Bauer, Franciscan, Frankoma, and other pottery and ceramics from the 40's and 50's. I managed to purchase a few nice pieces. V When my family realized that I collected, well, they too were always on the look out.
But, after a while I got sidetracked and started doing other things, and sort of put my lovely old bowls aside. I stopped collecting altogether.

Yesterday, I took them all out their obscure little corner, washed and dried each piece carefully by hand, and gave them a new home on a shelf near a picture window. Wow!!! How the colors jumped out at me, the greens , blues, yellows!!! They seem to look brighter and happier in their new spot by the sunny door.
I guess my appreciation for these sturdy old kitchen essentials has been renewed. I imagine the women who used them, wearing their house coats, curlers in their hair and beautifully embroidered aprons. (post WWII). A beautiful era gone by.
Maybe I'll look through my cupboards and see what other things I've forgotten. And maybe I'll be inspired to once again go out and hunt down a few new/old pieces to add to my collection.
For now, I will sit at my kitchen table, enjoying my morning cup o' joe, and admire my little piece of the past.

Have a great day!!!

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