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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

:: Three Little Baskets ::

Hi Ladies,

Boy this has been a slow week for me, Have not felt like doing much at all. I have been working on a granny blanket that for some strange reason just keeps dragging on. I think that it will be my last granny project for a while.

But, I did manage to finish my storage baskets. they actually turned out quite cute, if I must say.

I am seriously considering opening up an Etsy shop. Mainly because my children keep insisting, but I still have to think about it. It does require a lot of time and dedication. Veremos/we'll see.

I have since, woven in the ends. But I am debating on whether or not to line them. First I must finish the granny blanket, or it will drive me nuts!!!

Take care my dears.   :0)


  1. These baskets are so adorable. That's a great idea!

  2. Love your baskets!!! You should open an etsy store. We can promote each other! :0) but seriously, it is an exciting thing to do. I completely understand about the granny too, love/hate, lol. Have a great day!!

  3. Hi Olga! Thank you so much, these are daily easy to make, and no matter what thrusts used for, the come in handy, and wash really well.
    Thank you for visiting , itsreally sweet of you.

    Regards, Anna. :)

  4. Hi there Sarah,

    The Etsy store subject has been spinning in my head for sometime now, but I have never attempted to sell my crochet goods. My adult children constantly bug me about it. But I don't know.
    For now I'll keep crocheting and giving it all away. :)

    I will be happy to promote your Etsy shop anytime!!!!


  5. Te pasaste! wow y mas wow!
    Well done Anna, very Pro!

  6. Thanks so much Lory, :) now to line or not to line? This is the question.. :)
    What do you think?
    Now back to finishing the granny afghan. Grrrr. :-/

    Take care, have a great weekend!!!

  7. Yes! Line them with some of that lovely fabric!

  8. I definitely love the baskets! I especially love the color. they surely look great - lined or not. thanks for sharing this with us and we hope to see you again at the party this week. Have a fab weekend!


  9. Hi Lory, I think I will line the baskets, not sure with which fabric yet, but hopefully they will get done this week. :)

  10. Hi Leilani,

    Thank you!! So sweet of you to stop by. You know the best thing about this yarn is that it is lightly scented. I just purchased some of the white in this same brand, and it has a light vanilla scent.

    Take care, I will definitely stop by. :)