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Friday, August 17, 2012

:: My little hero ::

Good Morning !!!

As I have mentioned in previous posts the month of July was full of all sorts of emotions.

I will begin by briefly telling the story of my grandson Julian. Julian was born with a bilateral cleft lip, and open palate.
His first few months were a bit difficult.
But after his first surgery at four months of age, in which they corrected his lip, feedings went a bit smoother and his breathing improved. A few months later they closed his palate, after which time he was able to suck on a bottle, and feedings were a breeze. He also had a nose revision at that time.
This last surgery was a bit more involved. They took bone fragments from his hip to fuse his gums, he had another palate correction, and another nose revision. It was extensive for a child his age, but this little guy came through it like a trooper. He is the bravest little boy I know.
Today, he is just about fully healed and is back to being his active rambunctious self. Another great thing is that today Julian aka "Luli" turns nine years old!!!!

He has been through so much for such a young boy. But he has always been an inspiration for our family. He always has a smile on his beautiful face, and is always happy to give hugs. Words could never express the love that I feel for this child.

His parents ( my daughter and son in law) are very patient and loving parents.
Dr. Ray, the young surgeon who has been working with him since day one is an artist. The staff at Loma Linda children's hospital is awesome. All true heroes in my eyes.
But my number one hero is Julian, he has taught me that No obstacle is too great to overcome. Happy birthday my little star sweeper!!!

And a great weekend to all!!


  1. What a sweet blessing! My middle child is 9 right now, a fun age! Happy Birthday to Luli!

    1. Thank you Sarah! You are absolutely right, at nine they have all kinds of questions to ask, and sometimes they are so grown up. But there is still lots of cuddle room.

  2. What can I say, this post really touched my heart! Brave little boy. Gd bless him and keep him always safe... little Chilean! Asi siempre with a smile! LIIIINDO!
    Una cancion para el:

    1. Hi Lory. Thank you do much for your kind words. And especially for the song. Next time Luli comes over I will let him listen to it. I'm sure he will love it, I know I do.

      Take care hugs!!!!!