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Sunday, August 26, 2012

:: Last week ::

Wow! August is almost over, and with that the last few days of summer are going by very quickly. Even so, we have still taken advantage of the warm days to spend some precious time with our grandchildren.
Last Wednesday we took our oldest grandson Oliver to visit his cousins in Dana Point. We spent the afternoon walking with them, running with them, talking and laughing with them, and getting all nice and sticky eating ice cream with them.
While I waited for the slower ones to pick flowers, look for crabs and just take their time, father and daughter got to catch up on whatever it is that fathers and daughters talk about.
And by the end of the day after all the questions were answered, all the little arguments settled, all the running and chasing was done, I was happy, exhausted, but happy to have that very special afternoon with these very special little people.

Julian and Amelia started school a week ago, and Oliver will start tomorrow, and so a day like this one will not happen again for a while. But tonight, as I remember last week and my beautiful grandchildren, I am thankful for them, their parents, and the love of family.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!


  1. Hola Senora, como esta?!
    Those children are sooo good looking!
    Who is the sexy Lady with red top? :0

  2. Thank you Lory. :)
    They are my pride and joy!!!!
    That lovely lady with the red shirt is my daughter Katherine, walking and talking with her dad, while I play with the little ones.