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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Observing Spring growth.

Hello everyone. It has been almost two weeks since my last post. Aside from catching up on some reading, I have also been working on a few crochet projects. But most of all I've been enjoying watching my backyard bloom. We have had a few beautiful spring like days. This means, lunch or coffee on the patio, and just hanging out outside.
Also making a mental list of all that needs to be done, you know, weeding, removing unwanteds, replanting, etc.
But the one thing that I look forward to year after year is watching my Wisteria bloom, it grows over our trellis. Wisteria blooms on its bear wood, so the effect of these beautiful hanging flowers on the silvery wood is breathtaking. Not to mention the strong heady aroma.
As the blooms begin to die off and fall, it almost looks like snow falling, it just takes a soft breeze. :)
In my opinion, every stage of this vine is beautiful. When the leaves fully come in, we get the best summertime shade ever. At a later date I will let you all know what happens in the fall.

For now back to my crochet.
Enjoy the pics!!

Have a great rest of your week. ;)


  1. ohhhhhhhhhh! I think I have tonsillitis, I will go to the doctor today :S
    Anna, I always wanted to now the name of that pretty lilac plant. Thanks!

  2. Sorry to hear you're not well Lory. Off to the doc with you missy!!! A good strong antibiotic should take care of that.

    Take care of yourself, rest, and plenty of fluid. :)