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Monday, March 19, 2012

:: My Latest ::

Good morning everyone!!!

It seems like its been forever since my last post, not that my hook hasn't been busy at work, it has just been other things keeping me from sharing.

But it's Monday morning, and a new week to look forward to.

Well as you can see from my pictures it has been all about Miss. Amelia lately.
She needed a nice, warm, girly poncho for school. Since the school uniform requires a navy blue hoodie or jacket, I thought it would be ok for her to wear a poncho in the required color. The flowers on the draw string ties make it fun and not-so-uniformy looking.
She of course loved it!!! And will be wearing for a school field trip today. ( I think).

And since leftover yarn is always available in these parts, I kinda made a matching pencil case which I will put in her Easter basket.

Other than this, my granny blanket is coming along nicely, I will share a bit of that later.
Today, I will look into staring a new spring project. Got any ideas????

Ciao for now my friends.
Have a great Rest of your week!!!!


  1. This is nice Anna, very creative. I love Ponchos, Sucrette is doing a challenge for a Poncho in crochet. I kind of like it and I am sort of like the idea... but for who, for me? That would take for ages! Jaja
    I love your Poncho, I love navy blue, and the model is just perfect.
    The pencil case is adorable....
    You have been inspired by muse... x

  2. Hi Lory!!!

    Thank you, I wish you could see the stitching, it actually resembles knit braiding. She liked it. :) The pencil case was an experiment, I will make some in masculine colors for the boys.

    Are you going to join Sucrettes Cal? I'm tempted, but I think I'll try to make myself a poncho at my own pace, maybe I'll finish it by Christmas. Hahaha!!

    Cuidate XOXO

  3. Hi Sarah!! Thank you so much!! Springtime is a good time for wearing ponchos. :)

    take care

  4. Such a cute little face, so contented with her Poncho! :D