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Thursday, December 1, 2011

:: Twin Owlies ::

Good morning my dearies!!!!

This is indeed a good morning for I am finally done with two of my Christmas gifts.
I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I have certainly caught the amigurumi bug. I had no idea that creating little characters out of yarn could be so much fun!!!  And of course with Christmas being so close, I have been at it full time, and enjoying every minute of it.                                                                             Now that's not to say that I have abandoned my grannies. No, no, no, I already have a granny related little something on my hook, and a lap blanket ready to be assembled and finished.  All part of  "Santas Secret Workshop". 
Well without any further ado, I present you with Tootsie and Lolly;

Tootsie and Lolly

I think they are adorable, don't  you???
I would like to credit and thank Mr. W.  for the great photos.

And now back to work, two more little critters to be finished and whatever else comes to mind after that.

Bye for now my dears, have a great rest of your lovely day.     ;0)


  1. Hey are so funny, almost alive. I feel like, despite the colourful plumage, they are sank in boredom jajaja As they were talking with each other... Paco: what should we do today? Pedro: I am not sure. (big yawn) jajaja.
    Love them! Are they Mexican Owls jajaja after a siesta or before one jajaja
    Viva México! jaja

  2. Hahaha!!!!!! You are so funny Lory!!!
    Thank you, I'm in love with them, it's going to be hard to part with them.

    No!!!! Not Mexican!!!! I'm thinking more along the lines of Cuban. You know, "oye chico". You should go on YouTtube and check out "Los huevos bongo" you'll see what I mean.
    Thanks for making laugh, I needed that today. :)

    BTW, tried to post on your blog today but, No Bananas. :(
    I'll try again tomorrow.