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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cristmas Grannymania ::

Good afternoon everyone!!!
Here we go again  another lazy Sunday here at Mimiloves. I was suppose to do some baking, but the hooky got the best of me, so I've done nothing but crochet, most of the day, well, I did make some delicious chicken soup, and I did manage to get out of my p.j's. at about noon. That my dears is rare for me since I'm usually dressed and ready to go by 9:00 am regardless of wheather I have to go anywhere or not.  I guess that goes with the life style of an "empty nester".  :0)

In my last post I mentioned something about a granny something or other on my hook.
Well, you know that book I recently purchased? Granny Square Love? Looking for something christmasy to make I found the cutest stocking in my granny book. It is really simple to make, and it crochets up very qiuckly in a bulky yarn. So I couldn't resist. And since my grandson Oliver needed a new stocking, well, you all know the rest.
If I didn't have so many gifts to turn out by the 24th, I would make one for everyone I know!!!

I have a few small things going all at once, but I'll share those later on this week.

My Oli, he looks tired, but still very happy with his new Xmas stocking.

I wish I'd taken better pictures, but I finished the stocking just before Oliver"s daddy picked him up, and they where in a big hurry of course. But, you get the picture.

This is it for today
For now, have a great week. And don't forget during this busy holiday season to stop and be thankful for every blessing.   
Ciao for now!!!!


  1. Anna! That is lovely! Never mind the sock! Look at that gorgeous boy there! Super handsome... you put everything in his hand and he makes it shine :P So yes, your crochet looks like a work of art for the art gallery in London jaja.
    Felicidades Anna!

  2. Thank you Lory!!! That's my Oli, the oldest of my grandchildren, and one of my five little loves.

    More craftiness tomorrow.
    See ya.