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Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday morning blahs :-/

So the wedding is over, everything was very pretty.

My big, loud, wonderful,  family all flew back to Chicago.  So here I am in my big empty house again.
  I have some nice wedding pics but am too lazy to post them right now. 

And my next crochet project will be potholders and kitchen goodies for Luli and Milla's school fundraiser.

So as soon as I pick myself up again, (I miss my family terribly) I will once again post pics of whatever I'm working on. But for now, I think I'll drive down to Mr. Blues, my local donut shop and spoil myself with a chocolate bar and a large coffee.  I can always work it off later.  Nothing like a chocolate drenched donut to make a girl feel better.

Bye for now, and have a fantastic rest of your day!!!!

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