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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The yarn fairy strikes again/ a head warmer for Lu.

And what of the skater dude/boy who decided that he had to much hair?
Well, one warm and sunny day in April, Lu (as we will call him) decided that his hair was just tooooo much to bear while playing outside on his skate board and his awesome Razor in the warm sunshine. So he begged and pleaded with his mom to cut off all his hair!!!
This was strange, since Lu never wants to visit the barber shop.
So out came the Wahls (clippers).
And chop chop chop, all the hair came off!!!!! Lu seemed really happy, comfy, even a little light headed ;).
But that night after the warm sun started to disappear Lu's warm head started to feel cold, oh no!!! He could never glue all that hair back on his head!!!! ........ Enter the YARN FAIRY!!!
Of course the yarn fairy knew about Lu's predicament and got right to work with her magic blue crochet hook, in no time, the skater dude/boy beanie was created. As it is her custom the yarn fairy flew over Lu's grandmas house and dropped off the beanie, it just happened to fall in Papa's vroom vroom. Papa can't wait to see Lu to give him his new head warmer.


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