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Monday, May 30, 2011

Today I am making Plarn, (plastic yarn)

It takes more or less 15 to 20 plastic grocery bags to knit an Eco friendly, tote. (15 to 20 less plastic bags in our landfills !!!). These totes could be used for the beach, the farmers market, or even as grocery bags, ;). So let's start saving the plastic bags, and make lots and lots of Plarn, and let's do our part to save our planet!!!!! You can find a Plarn making tutorial by Linda Martin on


  1. Hi Anna!

    How do you find working with plarn? I have seen all kinds of patterns for things using plarn, but I wasn't sure how it would turn out. How do you find the tote?

    PS: I LOVE your's so cute...and very interesting :)


  2. Anonymous said...Hi Melissa!! So sweet of you to stop by. :)
    I have to tell you that lately I've had major problems posting comments on your blog. And today I've tried to post on my own blog and the system is not letting me. So hopefully this one will post.
    Plarn is something I've been meaning to try for some time now. It's been kinda fun experimenting with new techniques, as my messenger bag (felting) and even some Tunisian, although the latter makes my wrists sore. You know I've never really made anything with plarn but I tried to knit up a swatch and find the fabric to be very sturdy, the plarn itself takes a little getting used to, (you know plastic as opposed to yarn). But it's not that bad. It has it's drawbacks though, like I wouldn't take to jumping through fire hoops while carrying around a plarn tote LOL...... I know bad joke. :/ I guess we'll see. I hope to be done with my bag by weekks end, and of course I'll post some pics.
    Anyway, again, thanks for viewing my lil'ole blog. and btw, the little fairy tale type stories are for my grandchildren, my granddaughter is waiting part two of "Toothfairy pouch". :)
    Well you have a great rest of your day, and many blessings.

    P.S I am very excited about the invite thank you so much! I am looking for the perfect Project/topic for my contribution. :)

    May 31, 2011 1:36 PM

  3. Thanks Anna! I am SO excited to see how your bag turns out! I have seen some others, and one was very weird....but I think its a GREAT way to use up plastic. I would try but I use my plastic bags for garbage bags LOL.

    I have been having problems with the site in general...not just comments but posting too. Weird...have no idea why - I will see if I can find what's going on.

    You're welcome for the invite! I just can't wait to see what you'll come up with! I think its so interesting to see what others are doing :)

    Cute stories btw - your grandaughters are very lucky! Now I want to hear about the Toothfairy Pouch too!

    Have a great day in CA!