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Thursday, November 21, 2013

More grannymania

Good mornin' everyone!
It's a fine day here in Southern Cali today. We woke up to some much needed rain and I'm loving it!! That means that we will get a bit of cool weather afterwards which means that I can actually wear some of my hand made woolens. I love winter!!! 
I've been working on a few things lately which I will share over the next few weeks. 

This blanket was requested by my dear daughter in law Crystal. She asked if I could please make her an all white granny throw, and that's how it started out, but then I got really bored with just the white and decided to add just one color, I like this aqua-ish Tiffany green-ish color. Don't you?

Do you think she'll notice?    :)

Have a great day everyone !!!


  1. Oh!!!! This is looking GREEN GREEN. I love that little snake in your picture, Looks like a Candy one.
    How are you?
    About the Pan dulce: Not surprising your husbands loves Pan dulce, es que es algo muy CHILENO! I have made a recipe just for you, it is in Spanish though, I am sure you will be alright! Try your self it is soooo simple and the results are so yummy! xx

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