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Saturday, October 6, 2012

:: Chicago bound, and Roses from England ::

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. :)
I know I know, my posts have been very few and far between lately. I'm still in sort of a slump, but maybe what I need is a change of scenery.

This week has been sort of bitter sweet,
For one I've been fighting a flu since Sunday (bitter)

On the other hand, I've been in total grandma bliss, my granddaughter has been visiting us from Arizona. (Sweet).
I have had a lot of hugging and playing to make up for. It's been almost a year since I last saw her ( custody battles are always heart breaking), but I'm taking full advantage!!!!

And to add to the sweet part, this week I received a beautiful card from my friend Lory all the way from England. It is always nice to open ones mail box and find a hand written envelope.
Thank you so much Lorybelle for your sweet and thoughtful words. They really brought a smile to my face. :)

Now, for that change of scenery, well, next Wednesday, I will taking a much needed trip to the Windy City, I have been preparing for about a month or so, you know trying to lose a few pounds, crocheting warm things to wear and things like that. But the only thing that worked out is my oh so simple neck warmer. After looking through my stash and feeling all the wonderful alpaca, wool, silk, cotton, and yes, acrylic blends, I decided to go with this humble 100% cotton, yes, you know the kind we make wash cloths out of. It's very simple, easy to care for, and just the right shade of taupe, it goes with my Chicago wardrobe.
Anyway, about my trip. I will be attending a family wedding on the 20th, but in order to spend precious time with my parents and family I'm leaving a week earlier then my husband. I'm hoping to get in a bit of the museums, stroll Lake shore drive, a little shopping on Michigan ave. and soak in a bit of the local color. My parents live in an awesome neighborhood called Bucktown/Wicker Park. (Don't know how to link on my smartphone, but you can google it if you like) And of course I will visit a few of the LYS. All in all I hope to have a good time. Even if I don't get to do all of the above mentioned, it will be enough to just be with family.

I guess I'll keep prepping for my trip. See y'all soon!!!

P.S. I do make my blog rounds, I'm amazed at how many of you keep up.
It's great to read all your wonderful posts.


  1. jejeje That was the idea, nothing but a simple smile!!! :D

    I hope you are feeling better of your cold!
    That brown knitting looks lovely!

    take care!