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Thursday, February 2, 2012

:) Little Things (:

Hello There,

Hoping everyone has had a good week so far.
As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything since last Friday, partly because I've been a bit under the weather, and partly because It seems as though this blog has felt the same.
Nothing has worked lately!!!!

So, this is a test.

But of course the test will show a couple of pics of some little things I've been working on lately. You know, just easy little things that don't require much use of my brain( no brainers ).

Little things that just happen pretty much on their own.

Little things that almost crochet themselves.

Easy flowers for embellishing, and a little cropped cardi for Miss Amelia.

If this post publishes, I will be happy and almost over the weather. (as opposed to under). :-/

Have a great rest of your day everyone!!! :)


  1. Te pasaste! The cardigan is beyond pretty! marvellous! I have always wanted to crochet a cardigan, but I do not know how to make the sleeves (raglan). I know by knitting that you have to increase with the "yarn over" the stitch. I have done many circular cardigans with needles, but it seems scary in crochet. Any way, wonderful!

  2. Thank you Lory!!!
    I must say, this was super easy. You would be surprised, just a few increase rows, and then a few more decrease rows.
    I wish I could someday make a knitted version of this sweater. I've tried but have found it very confusing.
    Again, thank you for the compliment, it means a lot coming from someone of your talent.
    Bye for now. :)

    P.S I hope this comment posts this time.

  3. jajaja... It a lovely cardigan!
    jaja me, taleted? Todo al OJO!
    The Chilean way!