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Friday, December 9, 2011

~Three little trees~

Good evening all!!!
It is about 9:13 pm in my neck of the woods, and I'm snuggly warm in my pj's. I'm calling it a day kind of early today.
This post is via my iPhone so the picture is not so great.
I leave you with my three little Xmas trees, I made these from leftover yarn from last years winter sweater.
Some thing I came up with on a whim, and so far the only seasonal decorations I've put up.
Take care, and have a great weekend.


  1. Joking!? They are adorable! You gave me and idea here… I still do not have a xmas tree, an you believe? The children seem not to care that much, as long as they get the presents... i am not too sure, but they have not commented about it... I might do something symbolic, instead of buying a tree.... a lot to think about.
    Lovely lovely, take care!

  2. Hi Lory,
    I actually thought of making a bigger one and hanging it on the wall, but, naaaaa.
    Anyway, I'm glad you are inspirred.
    Sad to say, but I haven't put up a tree for about three years now, and you know what? It really hasn't been missed, but Chritmas is still nice without it. Go figure.

    Have a great rest of your weekend my dear. :)

  3. BTW, thank you for liking my humble little Christmas trees. :0)

  4. Oh they are the cutest thing ever..I love them you talented girl !

  5. dear annan, i dont understand, you tell the story of hannukah , and you lit also christmas tree?

  6. Hi Muriel, thanks for visiting. :). Well, I really do not put up a tree anymore. But I do celebrate the holiday. I am also involved in a Christian Jewish community, so the High Holy days have become a big part of my life as well. :).

    Have a great day.