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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

~ A Brownie Afternoon ~

It has been one of those days, you know, the kind of day that seems to go on forever, the kind of day that no matter how hard you try to make it like all the others, it just won't.
So I decided that instead of fighting it I'd better darn well accept it.
Once again I have a cold/flu thing. ( I never really know what to call it)

Haven't felt like doing much, so I decided to make brownies. There is something about the smell of chocolate baking, that makes it easier to lay around and do absolutely nothing. (whether one likes it or not)
You see it is my opinion that chocolate is the true cure for all of life's maladies. Even if you can't taste them (the brownies, that is) because your nose is so stuffed that even air tastes like nothing. Even if you really shouldn't have one, because they are only good with a tall cold glass of milk, and cold milk is not recommended when you have a cold as bad as mine.
So there they will sit, my plate full of brownies, waiting to be eaten, except that the only other person living in this household is not too keen on chocolate.

Well, my friends, I guess for now, I will go through my yarn stash, to figure out what my first crochet project of the year will be. And maybe that will keep my mind off the brownies that I now realize I should have never made to begin with. Does any of this make sense to you????

Have a great rest of your day everyone!!!


  1. jajaja ... Por ultimo preparar los brownies por el olor!
    Anna, Happy new year, I hope you're doing something special, if Not, tranquility is also a good way to start the New Year, whishing you the best!

  2. That is exactly why, for the aroma. The very next day my daughter came over with the children, and my son and his wife visited as well, and much to my relief the brownies were gone in no time. Wheeeeeew!
    I could never let anything chocolate go to (WAIST) hahaha!!!!!

  3. Oops!! Have a great new year Lory!!!!

    The best to you always!!!