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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Newport Beach California

Labor day marks the end of the summer here in the US.

So Mr.W and I decided that Newport Beach would be our best bet.

We started our day kind of late. So by the time we arrived at the beach, went for our traditional walk from Via Lido village to the Pier and back it was dinner time.

We sat down to a delicious dinner at The Bluewater Grill, one of our favorite places to dine.
From our table you could see the Cannery village restaurant, and some very beautiful and exclusive condos.

The area is offers lots of great dining, a theater, where you can watch Indy, foreign or very well chosen current films.
There are even Gondola tours you can take around the marina, complete with Italian music, champagne, wine and cheese.
Many romantic marriage proposals have taken place on these rides.

It was indeed a beautiful and very relaxing day for us. Even though it is something we often do on weekends for some reason this was extra special.

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