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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

:: Laguna Niguel Academy :: ( potholders for the cause)

Good morning my darlins!!!!!

Tuesdays are always better than Mondays, don't you think???

Well, this morning I decided to try and finish up my potholders. These colorful, vintage/retroish beauties will be included in food related gift baskets.

The baskets, along with many other handmade and donated items will be auctioned at the Laguna Niguel Academy food fair on October 16.
All proceeds from the sales will go towards the academy student fund.

I find this to be a very worthy cause, especially since two of my five grandchildren are students at this school.

It is a day filled with music performed by the students (they have a great music department), great food from many different countries, fun booths, and other activities.
My daughter who is a part of the home and school committee always manages to get me involved. Last year, I was suppose to teach the 7th and 8th graders to crochet so that they could put together a student project for their class. LOL!!!!! Now THAT was an experience!!!!! No bananas!!!!

This year, rather than put any student through that sort of torture >:-)
I decided to donate these pot holders. And some Pastel de Choclo ( Chilean corn and meat pie) Yummo. For the food booths.

Just a couple more to go, and then on to the next crochet project, cardigans and hats for the new babies in the family, five month old twins, Marcus and Octavia. And the newest little one, baby Sophie. (nephew and nieces)

Good bye for now, and have a fantabulous rest of your day/week!!!!

PS, the technician just left, this means that my Internet is once again up and running, no more yucky iPhone pics!!


  1. Anna, Welcome to the Chilean family! Jaja so you were blessed with a Chilean husband jiji! Oh Dear! (joke)
    Aren’t you a busy woman! Pastel de Choclo? And you will donate it!!! I will eat it instead!!!!!!!!!! :D
    So you have grandchildren? How springs are we talking about here? Jajaja
    Good luck with your projects!
    Empanadas: YES, It is a “Cacho”, a task as you call it; hard, laborious, has to be organized... BUT once you have baked them and you take them out of the oven: OH MY GOD!!! Heaven.... it is worthwhile. They disappear in a minute, though. My English husband adores them!
    So Anna, welcome to the Chilean family again and ... “ como Chile no hay! Alright! “:D
    Ps: Lovely crochet flowers!

  2. Hi Lory!!!!

    No pastel until the 16 of next month, I will post about it though.
    Lately I've had bloggers block, does that ever happen to you?

    BTW, I was checking out all your wonderful yarn purchases. Loved all your choices. I have way too much yarn, to buy more would be a sin. Hahaha!!!!

    :). Take care. (:

  3. Anna! I have over 100 yarns, all tuck-in under the children beds, my wardrobe, bags.... I am a sinner! I cannot help it! I touch them, I caress them... my husband thinks I might have been a cat in another life jajaja.

  4. Hi Anna!! It's Cassie!! A little birdie told me you blog your crafts and I LOVE THAT! I've been quilting & making bags, it's my therapy. :) Love you and miss you on FB! See you again soon?? Cassie

  5. Hi Lory!
    Over one hundred yarns!!!!!???? Wow!!!!! I've never counted mine, but what a wonderful addiction, don't you think?????
    Take care Lory.

  6. Hey Cassie!!!!
    Hey GF, you found me!!!!! By the way, Kathy says, "so I'm a bird now?"

    Yup, I blog as many of my projects as I can, though lately I've been kind of lazy to do so. I call it bloggers block. :(
    So happy to be in contact again, FB got to be a bit too much, if you know what I mean, (drama). I like this better, I've met a few very sweet ladies, and we all have something in common, we are craft junkies!!!!

    I would love to see your work, you should blog, I would gladly follow.
    Keep in touch. Hugs and kisses for you Javier and the boys. Love you guys!!!

    Take care.

    P.S maybe we'll plan a trip out there soon. :)