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Monday, July 4, 2011

The swing that Papa built.

My projects usually involve something crocheted, knitted, or sewn. And most of the time I can put it in a tote bag and take it with me.

My husband (Papa to the grand children) on the other hand is always conjuring up some grand large scale project.
For about the past 9 years we had a small plastic baby swing which we purchased at Toys r Us. You know the kind with a lock in tray which you can hang from the backyard trellis. Many a cranky babies were put to sleep while being swung from that little plastic blessing. :-)

Well, I think it was late last summer when Julian decided to jump on the swing for a while and as he swung back and forth we noticed the stress on the trellis structure, ( things started to creak and crackle up there) then, he decided to bend over and look down at his toes, that is when the swing flipped forward and.....
..... Well let's just say it was a close call.

Well down came the baby swing.

I think that even before the Julian incident Papa already had the swing designed in his head. So, he had his guy at the shop fabricate the steel parts, last week we went out and purchased wood, nuts, and bolts.
He dug the holes for the footings, not and easy task since that side of the yard is almost all solid granite.

And finally yesterday, he mixed and poured the cement, and VOILA !!!
It will be ready to enjoy by next weekend.

Have a great rest of your day!!!

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