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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tooth Fairy pouch

Princess Milla:

Once upon a time, (last week), way out in the great Forest of Lakes a certain little princess lost yet another tooth. But this was not just any ordinary tooth, this tooth was special because the princess, ( we'll call her Princess Milla) just did not want to let it go. It was loose for the longest time, but she would not let anyone pull it.
One day while playing and wiggling her tooth it finally came off. The princess was so happy, but also a little sad because she really wanted to keep her tooth a little longer.
That night, after saying her prayers the princess put her tooth under her pillow, and went to sleep peacefully knowing in her heart that she would get a visit from the tooth fairy.
Sure enough, the very next morning, Princess Milla put her hand under her pillow and found a very special treasure, this was no ordinary treasure, the tooth fairy left a hand written note on this treasure especially for Milla.

The Tooth Fairy:
That night after the tooth fairy left Milla's house she got to thinking, maybe Milla should have a special pouch to keep her treasure safe, just as I have a special place for all her teeth.
Well, when she finally got to her home in the Enchanted Forest she decided to call her cousin The Yarn Fairy, maybe she could help. The yarn fairy was more than happy to crochet a special treasure pouch with her magical pink crochet hook.
That same night the yarn fairy ( who happens to be a frequent visitor at Mimi's house) flew over Milla's grandmothers house and dropped off the magical pouch. The very next morning Mimi "aka" grandma went out to water her plants and found the pouch hanging on her bamboo plant. She dusted all the fairy dust from it put away safely until the next time Milla comes to visit.

The End. :)

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